• How can one become a member of the community.

    You become a member of the community by donating a one time out of your pocket $35 to support a community member.

  • How do I send in my donation.

    Purchase pin or e-wallet worth $35 from admin or from assigned leaders in your area.

  • Can i donate using crypto currency?

    YES, there is an option

  • What are my obligations as a community member?

    You are expected to invite at least 2 people to join the community as we grow together.

  • What are my benefits as a community member?

    You receive donations from other community members as you have donated to someone.

  • How much approximately can I receive?

    Once it's your turn to receive donations, you can receive +$1, 400 and a free re-entery to receive donations again and again.

  • Can i do multiple donations?

    Yes, provided you will build a team around all your positions.

  • Can I be part of the community if i can not invite anyone?

    NO, We are here to build a team, therefore everyone must contribute by inviting at least 2 people.

  • Who can join the community?

    You do not need any qualification to join our community. You should be 18 years or above and very enthusiastic to change you financial status by changing that of others.

  • When can I withdraw my bonuses.

    Anytime and anywhere into your local bank account, mobile money or crypto wallet account.
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